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At Waggs to Riches dog grooming pawlour, we strive to satisfy our clients by delivering superior products and services that help create and maintain healthy dogs, from nose to tail. Our pawlour menu begins with one of our basic packages, customized to the specific needs of your dog. We will help you determine which treatments and cut best suits your dog, and establish the base fee for your package of services.

Our certified stylist and skin & coat specialist understand the science behind each treatment we offer. As you look through the menu, imagine how a specific treatment may feel for your pet. Ask how a particular skin treatment will affect your dog, or describe to us any details about your dog that are of concern. We will recommend treatments that are especially helpful for your dog’s specific needs.

Appointments preferred. Early reservations are strongly advised during the Summer and Holiday periods. Contact us today if you have any questions!



Add-On Services

DOGGIE MAKEOVER- Go from shabby to chic with the perfect look that fits your dog’s hair texture, personality and lifestyle.

WHITE SPARKLE PAWLOUR TREATMENT- Start off with a Whitening Shampoo treatment to whiten and brighten your pets coat. Next we apply the Eye Envy treatment to help lift unwanted tear stains around the eyes and food stains from around the mouth.

DARK COAT TREATMENT- Natural extracts of aloe, jojoba and vitamins A,D and E deepen the luster and beauty of your pets dark coat.

HYPOALLERGENIC TREATMENT- Improves your pet’s skin tone and health without medical shampoo. This treatment relieves dry skin, removes flaky skin cells, reduces itching and soothes the skin.

SHED REDUCING TREATMENT- For both long and short-haired pets that tend to shed. Our treatment removes undercoat hair easily and can reduce shedding from 60-80%.

Customized Shampoo Aromatherapy Treatments

OATMEAL EXTRACT- Soothes dry skin ailments. Oatmeal’s emollient properties have been reported to aid in the softening of the skin.

LAVENDER- Relaxing, calming, refreshing, balancing, cooling and anxiety soothing. Lavender’s properties also include antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

A La Carte Dog Grooming Services

PAW-D-CURE- We drench dry cracked paws in soothing balm to prevent hot spots, soothe irritated skin and decrease drying. Nails are trimmed, filed and polished and excess hair between the pads removed.

NAIL TRIM- Sometimes a quick trim is all your pet needs to keep from tap-dancing across the tiles.

EAR CLEANING- Keep your pet’s ears clean to promote good hygiene. We gently clean each ear and remove excess wax and dirt build-up.We also trim excess hair from inside the ears.

TEETH BRUSHING- Keep those pearly whites sparkling and fresh with regular Teeth Cleansing Treatment.tYour pet’s teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and brushed to remove food and build-up and reduce the risk of gun disease.

TEAR STAIN REMOVAL- We remove the discoloration around your fair-colored pets eyes and help keep tear staining under control.

DOGGIES UP-DO PACKAGE- For those in between cuts or for special occasions, come in for a touch-up, including a quick trim around the face and feet. A great way to keep your pet looking terrific between grooms.

EXFOLIATING TREATMENT- Improve your pet’s skin tone and health with our medicated shampoo. This treatment relieves dry skin, removes flaky skin cells, reduces itching and soothes the skin.

This store is awesome. They have a huge selection of collars and toys for dogs all sizes.

~ Jose Pretel

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