The mixture of this breed is a Maltipoo and Shih Tzu or a Shihpoo and Maltese, so in realty your puppy is a Maltese, Shih Tzu and Poodle. Making a MalShihpoo SMART!

These three favorite breeds all mixed in one makes the perfect breed. And remember Poodles are listed along with German Shepherd as being second in line as the most intelligent of dogs. Shih Tzu are the laid back over eager to please and the Maltese is the funside of the three.

They are a perfect size for apartment or condo living. Hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. More importantly they love to be a lap dog so if you want a puppy to cuddle and love look no further Malshipoo is for you! Malshipoo is typically a fast, friendly, family focused pet with a very playful personality. They are usually easier to train, and require less attention and affection than the standard Shih Tzu but are often aloof with strangers. Early socializing with children, friends, animals and travel is recommended.

Breed Facts

The Malshipoo is an intelligent, loyal, playful breed that requires moderate exercise and mental stimulation. Though quite independent, they are very eager to please and easily trained. They do well with older children, nearly all animals, and with those of whom they are accustomed. They are alert, agile and highly perceptive. They’re not overly vocal and often fearful of strangers, making them a poor candidate for watchdog.

A first generation Malshipoo is typically a highly intelligent focused dog. General speaking, in comparison to training a Shih Tzu, the Malshipoo is a star pupil. The Malshipoo is usually quite perceptive and eager to learn and comply, making them a good choice for first time dog owners or those lacking the patience and training skills required for formal housetraining. Early socializing with children, friends, animals and travel is recommended.

The Malshipoo typically requires three or more puppy cuts (trimmed short or shaved) per year. If supporting a full coat or ‘show coat’ daily brushing and the traditional center part and top knot, like the Shih Tzu, is the most common grooming regimen.

Malshipoo are house pets in need of protection from extreme temperatures and they require plenty of exercise and playtime. A brisk twenty minute daily walk may do the trick, but don’t neglect to fulfill their never ending desire to run, chew and play.

This store caught my eye from the big “puppies” sign out front. It is a beautiful store with great selection of collars and toys and the puppies are so cute.

~ Katherine Mitchell

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