The Havashire dog is a lively and entertaining small dog that has a protective side to her nature. She may be aloof at first with new people, but will be won over by a show of attention once she is sure there is no threat to the family. Affectionate and loving towards her family, she has a happy nature and loads of energy, but also has a mind of her own which will test your resolve during training. Patience and consistency is vital at these times, and the use of praise and rewards are the way to overcome this obstacle. The Havashire dog loves to be with their human family, they will feel unhappy if they are not involved in the family activities and left alone. If you don’t have time for a dog that will be glued to your side, then this is not the dog for you. They crave your attention and adore being fussed over. In return, they are loyal and devoted companions.


The Havashire does not yet have a full history of its performance to date, but we can look at the parent dogs (the Yorkshire Terrier and the Havanese dog) to see some common characteristics of what the Havashire has inherited. The Havanese Dog was introduced into Cuba in 1492 when the first settlers from Spain began to arrive, bringing their small dogs with them. These dogs bred with the local dogs on the island and over time evolved into the Havanese we know of today. These dogs were very popular in the early 1800s, mostly among the rich set in Cuba as a sign of status. The Havanese then caught the eyes of the rich and noble in Europe and they spread all over the continent. Sadly, their popularity waned and by the late 1800s they had almost disappeared from both Cuba and Europe. When the Cubans fled into America after the 1952 Revolution, some of the remaining Havashire dogs were taken with them and over the years the breed has slowly been re-established. The Yorkshire Terrier has a noble and confident air, but its history began when they were used for catching mice and rats around the mills in England. A typical Terrier, they were fast, dedicated and extrememly good at their job. The Yorkshire Terrier resulted from a breeding program initiated by the mid 19th Century Scottish Workers who came to Yorkshire looking for work and brought their Paisley Terriers (also known as Clydesdale Terriers) with them. These dogs were the ancestors of the Yorkshire Terrier, the first of the breed recorded in a show in 1861. Their name changed to Yorkshire Terrier because that was where the breeding programs originated from. They are clever little dogs, with an adventurous spirit with a mischievous twist. Cuddly and affectionate, they are true individuals who will keep you entertained for hours.

They have the cutest toys in here!!

~ Kyle Richardson

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