2023’s Top Dog Breeds
January 24, 2024

For years, dogs have become more than just pets; they have become beloved members of our families and trusted companions. As we finish the year 2023, we would like to share our list of what we feel to be the Top-5 dog breeds of the year. These pups all have remarkable qualities and have proven to be the best of the best.

Labrador Retrievers

There’s a reason why this breed, year after year, continues to rank so high in popularity. The Labrador Retriever is an A+ breed of dog that has an incredibly loving personality and a warm temperament. They are very social dogs that thrive with attention, love, and one-on-one time. They enjoy a walk in the park as much as they enjoy a nap on the couch with their owner. They are smart and train well and truly make an amazing family pet.


Who doesn’t love the Bulldog? Not only are they handsome pups, but very lovable and caring dogs. They do well with children, are excited to greet you when you come home, and are happy when you are. This breed’s popularity is what it is today thanks to its long history of making a great family pet and should be one to consider if you are looking to add a puppy to your family.

German Shepherds

This breed is a very loyal, protective, and caring dog. They make a great fit with families of all dynamics and love attention. They look forward to exploring the great outdoors and thanks to their smarts, generally train with ease. For years this breed has been a family favorite for many reasons. The German Shepherd is an outstanding dog and one your whole family will love.


This breed is a playful, energetic, and lovable dog. They interact very well with children and other pets in the household and are generally very low maintenance. They love learning new tricks and have the perfect balance of energy. They are not overly rambunctious but love to play. They have sweet and warm demeanors and make fantastic pets.

French Bulldogs

This breed has a very easy-going and lowkey temperament. They absolutely love nap time with their family, do great with children, and get along well with other pets in the home. They are friendly dogs that enjoy your attention. This breed has been very popular across the US for years and will continue to into the year 2024 due to all of its great qualities.

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~ Peter Rice

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