Doggie Incredibubbles
November 25, 2016

Doggie Incredibubbles

Doggy IncrediBubbles with Peanut Butter Infused Safe, fun for pets and kids too! Catch them, stack them, and watch them roll on the ground! Blow the bubbles as high in the air as possible. Catch and hold them in your hand. They will remain un-popped on the floor or lawn. For the best results use your hands to wave the bubbles in the air for a moment. The more seconds they float in the air, the lighter and more durable they become. Bubbles dry in the air, and land on the ground intact, waiting to be attacked by cats and dogs alike. Pets really love chasing and bursting these bubbles! Economical and fantastic fun.


Best store I have been in!

~ Savanna Smith

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