Giltmore Crystal Pet Collar
July 29, 2018

Giltmore Crystal Pet Collar

Your puppy will sparkle and shine in this super soft ultrasuede dog collar by Susan Lanci Designs! Embellished with three rows of Swarovski crystal rhinestones. Extremely lightweight and super soft to the touch - perfect for tiny, delicate little puppies. Washable. Size Neck Width TC 5.5"-7" 0.5" XXS 6"-8" 0.5" XS 7"-8.5" 0.5" S 9"-10.5" 0.5" M 11"-12.5" 0.5" L 13"-14.5" 0.5" XL 15"-16.5" 0.5"


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I had a great experience at Waggs to Riches!
All of the puppies are healthy and from private breeders, as the breeders information is placed on each cage. Ask the employees any questions about the puppies and they are very knowledgable, as well as attentive. If they don’t know an answer to your question about a certain puppy, they make sure to find out for you. You truly get what you pay for and if you want a healthy puppy with a creditable background, shop at Waggs To Riches. Thanks to the owner and her staff I had an amazing experience shopping here.

~ Savanah Poole

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