Pink Dual Strap Pet Sling
July 29, 2018

Pink Dual Strap Pet Sling


The Dual Strap pet sling features overlapping panels to create useful pockets and head resting notches on every side of the pouch. Two adjustable straps allow for easy loading & unloading and allows the sling to be worn in 4 different positions; Cross body right or left, front facing “kangaroo” style, over the shoulder and while seated. Unlike any other sling carrier, the unique “Pamper Pocket” sleeve runs along the bottom of the entire pouch, so that the wearer can lift, support and cuddle their pup physically & emotionally calm, connect and comfort them. Proudly Made in the USA.

Pouch – 15″ x 5″ x 9″
Strap Length – 18″ to 35″

cute toys and you can tell the puppies are well taken care of

~ Kelly Mackey

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