Chorkies are without a doubt one of the cutest breeds of designer dogs available to the modern dog owner. A relatively new breed created in the early 1990s, a Chorkie is the result of a crossing between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua.

As with most mixed breed dogs, the Chorkie’s physical appearance can sometimes have subtle variances depending on the genetic contribution of both parents. However, like their parents, they are extremely small, toy-sized dogs and make excellent indoor pets. Chorkies generally retain the long, silky hair of the Yorkshire terriers and the head shape of the Chihuahua. Their ears are generally pointed like the Chihuahua’s, but can sometimes be droopy. Unlike Yorkshire terriers which are usually tan, grey and black in color, Chorkies can come in a variety of colors due to their Chihuahua genetics.

Breed Facts

Although it is impossible to trace the first recorded Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua crossing, it is believed that Chorkies were initially bred in the early 1990s. They have since gained a great deal of popularity and are an extremely popular choice of designer dog.

The Chorkie is extremely intelligent and are highly trainable. Chorkies are produced by crossing Yorkshire Terriers with Chihuahuas as Chorkies often do not breed true. That is to say that pure Chorkie offspring sometimes do not retain the defining characteristics of their parents.

Chorkies are extremely high energy dogs and should be fed with a high quality variety of dry kibble that can supplement all their nutritional needs.

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